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Many veterans and their families are completely unaware that they are eligible for financial assistance.

The Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Improved Pension Benefit is a little known program that can provide qualified veterans or their surviving spouse tax-free income to help offset their medical expenses. A married veteran can receive up to $2230 per month. A single veteran can receive up to $1881 per month. A widow of a veteran can receive up to $1209 per month.

The Veteran’s Administration does not advertise this benefit. Consequently, most veterans do not learn of this financial assistance. Those that do learn of the pension very often gain this knowledge through pure luck, word of mouth, or intensive and persistent research. If a veteran is fortunate enough to learn of this benefit, misinformation is rampant.

The applications process is laborious and best left to a profession. You can apply yourself; however, the Veteran’s Administration is an inherently complex bureaucracy. The application process is neither self-evident or simple. A professional can help you navigate the system. A professional may charge you for their services. However, if you attempt to complete the application yourself and fail, denial of the benefit will cost you much more.

Misunderstood Statements:

  • To receive this benefit the veteran must have suffered an injury, been wounded, or died during service – Not True
  • To receive this benefit the veteran must have been in battle – Not True
  • To receive this benefit the veteran must have served during the whole war – Not True
  • To receive this benefit the veteran or widow must be out of money – Not True
  • To receive this benefit the veteran must be living in a nursing home or assisted living facility – Not True
  • To receive this benefit the veteran can’t be receiving a military pension – Not True
  • If the veteran is receiving a partial VA disability they can’t receive this benefit – Not True
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We recognize the last thing a family caregiver has time for more paperwork. Aging Warrior Advocates assist the families and caregivers of the qualified veteran in navigating the often complicated, and frustrating application process odor the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Pension—Aid & Attendance. Additionally maintaining the benefits on an annual basis is equally important. These unique services are provided through Aging Warrior Advocates.

“I’ve been told that I don’t qualify.”

We hear this several times a week. After review of their situation, many of our clients went on to be awarded benefits.

Getting Started…

  • Original or certified copies of the veteran’s discharge papers, also referred to as a DD-214
  • Marriage information
  • A list of all income, including Social Security, pensions, Interest, or dividends
  • A list of assets and their sources
  • A surviving spouse also needs the veteran’s death certificate with cause of death

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